Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Body has five extension so do your palm

Hi folks,
Continuing from Thumb is Head. So you must be wondering how head can be a resource for good health. What is being hidden there in the thumb?

Just let me tell you one thing...its not just the thumb, but the whole palm represents your body.
Sounds awkward...right? No but its not, its the science which was buried since ages, but was rediscovered by Dr. Park Jae Woo of Korea.

As per Dr. Park the palm represents the whole body.
As our body has five projections or extensions namely:

  • 2 Hands
  • 2 Legs
  • 1 Head
Same way if you see closely the palm it has five extensions wiz 4 fingers and 1 thumb.
Only the thumb in the palm has a tricky position which can be understood as we go further.
Refer the image, you will have an idea how your palm represents your body...

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