Sunday, July 13, 2014

Got a head ache...try this

Any problem in head - cut a small inch of 1 inch wide paper tape.
Spread methi seeds on the table and put tape over the seeds. All the seeds will get sticed to the tape.
Now wrap this tape around the thumb between top joint and tip of the thumb.

There is other way also for the treatment. Take a small length of half inch tape.
Stic only one seed of methi on the tape. Now take the metal probe and gently roll it over the thumb and search the point on the thumb which has pinching pain.
After tracing the point, place the methi on the point and leave either the methi strip or one methi seed sticed to thumb for 6-8 hours.
This will give a good relief to your problem of head. Repeat this process everyday.

Do not use the used seeds. Always use fresh and healthy seeds.

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