Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Right hand SUJOK

Hi Folks,
So far we all have understood that body corresponds hand and also we understood that fingers and thumb represents Arms, Legs and Head.
It sounds so different and awkward....right?
But if you go ahead with my blogs you will get to know that you can actually see your entire body in your hand. Before I give you another shock and confuse you let me explain the basics first.

Lets take right hand for instance-

  • Index finger represents the right arm of body.
  • Middle finger represents the right leg of body.
  • Ring finger represents the left leg of body.
  • Small finger represents the left arm of body.

Do remember - THUMB IS HEAD

I know its kind of irritating that every time I am repeating the same thing THUMB IS HEAD, but trust me that's the mantra to learn this therapy.
So next time if anyone says that you are headless, show your thumb... kidding...

Refer the image to understand the positioning of extensions in the right hand
Right Hand SUJOK

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